I am based out of Oahu, Hawaii, and when we are out of the pandemic, YES I absolutely travel!! Unfortunately for the next while, I am opting to stay local on Oahu. However, I have been utilizing wonderful associate photographers for all destination work (other Hawaiian islands and on the mainland), if you would still like to work together!

I  don’t like to say a number and put a cap, because it really varies!! But trust, I tend to over deliver and won’t with hold any memories from you from your day. The average is about 65 per hour booked.

I include assist with helping to guide the planning/vision! Outfits, location, timeline, all personalized and custom to what you are envisioning.  All of the couples I get to work with start off as blank canvases, and everything is completely custom.

  • Hi-res digital files delivered in a private online gallery for you to download and print through my site, or take to your favorite printing company.

Nope! I don’t take on any families or traditional weddings. I only shoot adventure sessions and tiny weddings/elopements, because I want to best serve my couples and 10000% master that.

Couples and intimate ceremonies are really what make my heart sing, and I would much rather be the absolute perfect fit for my clients, rather than the mediocre fit for everyone! Running a business is tough and I’ve found that when I am creating work that I am truly excited for, it makes all the long hours so much easier.

I do not! My shooting style/prompts/overall experience/editing style are all lumped in to one package. Editing is a big piece of the final product, and therefore delivering RAW images would be delivering a halfway finished product.

Living in Hawaii, we get so much rain, and so we will embrace the weather!! My gear is waterproof, and I am able to capture beautiful images in just about anything that gets thrown at us. We can also try to find a drier location if we need to., sometimes the Plan B’s turn out to be a better option than our original location!  Typically, if the forecast is a bit rainy, we sometimes just take little breaks, and the rain is passing. Our light rain we have in Hawaii is actually considered a blessing, especially on a wedding day!

I would love to help with the styling if you are looking for guidance! This is all part of the package that you get with booking with me, and I’d love to help. 

Short answer-nope!! I strongly, strongly promote positive body image and self-love. If there is something temporary that you would like taken out (ie pimple/bug bite/scab/etc) then I am almost always able and happy to do that, just ask 🙂