Frequently Asked Questions

​I am based out of Oahu, Hawaii, and YES I absolutely travel!! I frequently travel to the outer Hawaiian islands (Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Lanai, Molokai), as its a cheap and easy hop. I will also gladly third wheel with you on your adventure, especially if its a National Park!

I honestly don’t like to say a number and put a cap, because it really varies!! But trust, I tend to over deliver and won’t with hold any memories from you from your day.

I include assist with planning! -outfits, location, timeline, and just the overall plan for our time together, personalized and custom to what you are envisioning! If you are wide open, I’ve got a ton of ideas too!

  • Hi-res digital files delivered in a private online gallery for you to download and print through my site, or take to your favorite printing company.
  • Friend fo life! Really though, I have had a ton of repeat couples and keep in touch with almost all of them!

Nope! I don’t take on any families, unless it it a family I’ve shot in the past! I only shoot adventure sessions and tiny weddings, because I want to best serve my couples and 10000% master that.

Couples and intimate ceremonies are really what make my heart singggg, and I would much rather be the absolute perfect fit for my clients, rather than the mediocre fit for everyone! Running a business is tough and I’ve found that when I am creating work that I am truly excited for, it makes all the long hours so much easier.

No siree!! My shooting style/prompts/overall experience/editing style are all lumped in to one package. Editing is a big piece of the final product, and therefore delivering RAW images would be delivering a halfway finished product.

Living in Hawaii, we get so much rain, and I strongly recommend just embracing the weather!! We can also try to find a drier location if we need to. If it is just downpour and too wet to shoot/compromises my gear getting damaged, then I will try to find a date that works for both of us to reschedule. Typically, if the forecast is a bit rainy, we sometimes just take little breaks, and the rain is passing! Our light rain we have in Hawaii is actually considered a blessing, especially on a wedding day!

Ohhhh you know I will guide you, don’t chu worry!!! The main thing is to be comfy. But I’ll guide you a lot, and YAS it’s not uncommon to get dressing room texts from my couples! 😉

I strongly, strongly promote positive body image and self-love, so the short answer is nope! If there is something temporary that you would like taken out (ie pimple/bug bite/scab/etc) then I am most always able and happy to do that, just ask 🙂