Elopement photography

You want a stress free + meaningful  experience, and I want to help curate that for you.

Chances are, you found my page because:

  • you want to avoid the traditional wedding stress, both in the planning and the day of
  • a big wedding never really felt like you
  • you aren’t interested in planning a party for everyone else’s experience over your own on your wedding day
  • you can’t see yourself saying your private vows on stage in front of a big crowd
  • you don’t want or need a bunch of extra “stuff”

You’re looking for:

  • an experience over things
  • a day that actually reflects you
  • opportunity to share vows in an intimate and private space
  • a stress free planning experience and elopement day

Choosing to elope opens a whole new world of opportunity and possibility, and I am so excited to guide you!

You will get some amazing photos, but my packages include so much more.

What’s Included:

  • Location recommendations, guided by my 10+ years as a resident of Oahu;
  • Assistance with your elopement timeline;
  • Guidance with what types of dresses/materials work best for your elopement location;
  • Access to my hand selected vendor recommendations based on your needs;
  • Styling expertise, based on location, weather, lighting, and photographic quality;
  • Posing prompts, ensuring you and your partner never feel awkward in front of the camera;
  • Variety of shots, from sweet and romantic to silly and joyous

bride and groom on mountain

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Elopement Bouquet 101: Choosing Florals for Your Elopement

Let’s talk about a topic that I don’t see written about often: choosing florals for your adventure elopement! There is so much you have to take into consideration when hiring a florist to create your elopement bouquet + any other floral pieces for your celebration.  I interviewed Jess of Puakaie

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