Elopement photography

I am a big big advocate for strong and healthy marriages, and absolutely love the excitement of weddings. Being married is seriously one of the biggest blessings ever, and I love getting to be there for couples, and documenting the beginning of theirs! I mean, documenting the first moments of you spending every day of your lives (including the mundane Costco runs, late night ice-cream craving satisfactions, and the morning breath kisses) is an incredible honor to be the one to get to document you!

My extroverted introvert self thrives in those smaller elopements and weddings. I want to get to know you and your love and your favorites (if you have guests) that are out here supporting you! If you are adventurous/ untraditional/ quirky/ messy/ barefooted/ free spirited/ silly/ with a touch of steamy: then we are most likely BFFs.

Yes you will get some amazing photos, but my package includes so much more.

What’s Included:

  • Pre-shoot consultations and logistics and coordination leading up to your appointment; 
  • Location recommendations, guided by my 10+ years as a resident of Oahu;
  • Access to my hand selected vendor recommendations based on your needs;
  • Styling expertise, based on location, weather, lighting, and photographic quality;
  • Posing prompts, ensuring you and your partner never feel awkward in front of the camera;
  • Variety of shots, from sweet and romantic to silly and joyous; 
  • Assistance with your elopement timeline;
  • Assistance with what types of dresses/materials work best on an adventure elopement.


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Oahu Wedding & Elopement Photography