Amazing locations + couples in love + adventure is my photography love language and makes my heart sing.  If you are honeymooning, celebrating an anniversary, road tripping and  want a session documenting the your current adventure-I’m here for it.

Let’s face it- you are selective (and you should be!) about who you partner up with, and you found your amazing person. 

So let’s go celebrate. We’ll find some incredible views and explore the space together.

What’s Included:

  • Location recommendations, guided by my 10+ years as a resident of Oahu;
  • Styling expertise, based on location, weather, lighting, and photographic quality;
  • Posing prompts, ensuring you and your partner never feel awkward in front of the camera;
  • Variety of shots, from sweet and romantic to silly and joyous.

Come join me in embracing the outdoors, and really experiencing the space together. We can do a hike, find an amazing cliff, go explore the Hawaiian jungles, or end up at the beach and play in the sand and waves. 


couple holding hands and smiling

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