I grew up out in the country, and we did a ton of roadtrips/camping trips as kids. And while I would’ve loved to have the excitement of ice cream trucks drive down our street and have block parties that all my townie friends had, I am so grateful to have been able to spend about most of my days barefoot and roaming around and letting my imagination soar. Being outdoors, and being able to be present and focus in the space we are in, was and still is incredibly therapeutic for me. I get out as much as I can, and love to hike, swim, relax on the beach, do yoga, paddle board, and (pre-kids!) run and surf.

Nowadays my cutie hubs Andrew and I live on Oahu and have a young and (God willing!!) growing family. We adore being mama and papa to our two sweet and wild boys. We are honestly always still mostly spending our free time outside as a family, planning and dreaming up our next mainland road trip, or doing home DIYs! 

My foundation is on Jesus, and my life has been forever changed for the best after I put my faith and trust in Him. Our faith is the center of our marriage, family/kiddo wrangling and just navigating through some hiccups that have come our way! 

So how in the world did I get started doing photography? Well folks, as an enneagram 7, I have a lot of hobbies that I have tried. I started doing photography as another hobby, and an excuse to get out and get to explore more. Turns out, I fell head over heels in love and am obsessed with shooting couples and adventure elopements. I am a big believer in strong and healthy marriages and relationships, and so getting to shoot and promote them in gorgeous locations is the perfect fit for me all around.

Travel Photography Adventures, family posing together in front of geyser
State and National Park Photography, mother on a dirt path holding one child and carry another child on her back


A tomboy at heart, I  bring my profound love and time spent exploring the outdoors to find you the perfect backdrop, custom-tailored to fit your specific preferences and comfort level. 

My ultimate goal is to guarantee that you and your partner feel comfortable, confident during our time together, and that the images are a perfect reflection of you. I celebrate all body types and abilities, and embrace all of the little quirks that make us unique. 

I’ll melt away any nerves, anxiety, and pre-shoot jitters with my approachability. Getting in front of the camera is a vulnerable experience for most–myself included! I guide all my couples through their shoots, and our time together will fly.

Every one of my packages include:

  • Location recommendations, guided by my 10+ years as a resident of Oahu;
  • Styling expertise, based on location, weather, lighting, and photographic quality;
  • Posing prompts, ensuring you and your partner never feel awkward in front of the camera;
  • Variety of shots, from sweet and romantic to silly and joyous. 

My editing style is true to color with a tad little drop of moodiness. I want our photos we create to be timeless, and not go out of style in the upcoming years. Trends come and go, but your love is here to stay, and I want these photos to always be able to be proudly displayed. 

Do we sound like a match? Get in touch! I can’t wait to hear from you. 


  • Kombucha
  • Plant based living
  • Unplugged quality time
  • Travel + new experiences
  • Thrifting
  • Long bike rides
  • Camping
  • Open/spontaneous plans
  • Trying new + strong flavored? food (I love durian and natto!)

Bucket list items:

  • Seeing as many National and State Parks as I can
  • Biking camp trip
  • Living on a sailboat and/or van
  • Being campground hosts or rangers when we retire