Meet the photographer, Emily.

Hiyeee!!!! I’m just your average hot(TY) ;) mess mama, hype girl, third wheelin’ adventure lovin’ fool, and I’d love to be FRANS!!

You know I’ll be asking you alllll the things once we start chatting, so I’ll go first! :p

  1. I’m an occupational therapist turned adventurous couple and elopement photographer. I have always loved all things adventure/ outdoors/ exploring so to get to pretty much call one of the most beautiful places my “office” is an absolute blessing!!!

  2. YAS I’m a horrible dancer, but LOVE TO DANCEEEEE, if you watch my if you watch my stories enough you will see some of the worst dancing! AND I WILL BE DANCING AT YOUR WEDDING!!!

  3. I’m introverted but heeeyeyyyyyy I’m friendly!!! I absolutely thrive in those smaller weddings and elopements, and getting to really know people!! I am loyal to a T, and once you’re my person, you got me fo life ;) But really.

  4. I’m a 7 on the enneagram and an INFP, so basically I’m always looking for that new/fun/different'/wild experiences to do with the ones I love the most!! Best vacation ever to me sounds like a big ‘ol roadtrip exploring an amazing country, finding places to stop as we go, sipping on some kombucha and planning out our next stop-whether its an epic hike, diving with whale sharks, cliff jumping….just YES!!!

  5. Let’s go treasure hunting at a thrift store or flea market and for acai bowls or vegan place after and you better bet we’ll be BFFS by the end of the day!!


My approach

Did I say I absolutely LOVE anything outdoors, and spontaneous adventure?? My sessions are usually centered a ton around movement to get in those fun and dynamic shots, AND to eliminate those common "what do I do with my hands?" feelings! I love showcasing couple's doin' what they do best--loving on each other, being silly, and a little bit steamy ;))

I want to capture your adventure session or wedding/elopement exactly as it is. I love documentary style photography and capturing those real life raw moments. Plus I’ll make you two look like the TOTAL BABES that you are!!!

Hawaii Oahu Best Wedding photographer