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4 Best Tips on Finding The Right Photographer

Have you ever heard the saying “a picture says a thousand words”? It may be cliche, but the truth is that a beautiful moment can be sabotaged with the wrong photographer. As an individual in the photography profession, it is crucial for seeking clients to find someone who understands their vision! There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a client left unhappy and unsatisfied with their photos. Finding the right photographer to capture your special moments will leave you with happiness, magic, and blissful memories! 

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You’ve come to the right place if you need a “how-to“! To help you find the right photographer, I’ve listed below some of my best tips and tricks to consider when searching for the perfect person to tell your story through photography.

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Tip #1. Do your research

The first and foremost strategy for finding the right photographer is to do your research!! There’s someone for everyone, no matter what your style is. Determine the type of photography you are drawn to, and then look for photographers who offer services similar to what you are looking for. Investing your time and money into a professional is always worth it; that way, you avoid disappointment by making the wrong decision, and walk away with photography that you love. The number of times couples have gone to a more “budget-friendly” photographer and ended up hating their wedding photos is more common than you’d think (which is always devastating to hear, because your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life, and cannot be re-photographed).

Some key examples to look for when considering the right photographer:

Photography Styles

  • Do you like more candid/ documentary images?
  • Camera-aware photos/looking at the camera?
  • Playful and movement-heavy?
  • Editorial/more fashion approach (serious look)?
  • Are you more into a styled look, or do you lean towards simplicity? 
  • Do you follow the trends, or like a more classic look?
  • Are you interested in film photography for your entire session/add-on, or is it not a deal-breaker?
  • Editing: Are you drawn to true life color, more muted, light and airy, dark and moody, vibrant/punchy colors, or film-inspired editing?

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Tip #2. Ask to see a full gallery

There is nothing wrong with asking to see full galleries from a photographer you are considering- in fact, it’s highly encouraged! Usually, what you see posted on a photographer’s Instagram or website are tiny snippets of sessions. Ask to see more of their work to get a good idea if  have found the right photographer for you, or have only fallen in love with the high light reel.

Questions to ask when viewing galleries

  • Do you feel something when looking at their images?
  • Can you imagine yourself and your partner in the photographs?
  • Can you see these images displayed in your home?
  • Do you think you would be drawn to these photos in 3 years? 10 years? 30 years?
  • Can you see yourself booking this photographer again for other photo needs?

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Tip #3. Do you mesh with their personality?

Ask yourself this: do you actually like the person? This one may sound kinda funny, but it matters so much. Photographs are tied to memories, and you deserve those memories to be amazing. When looking back at your images, they may have turned out just as you envisioned, but, if you didn’t enjoy spending time with your photographer, those images will bring to the surface an unpleasant experience.

Personality traits to consider

  • Those with high energy levels (upbeat + positive)
  • Someone who takes control and gets things done without fail
  • A photographer who may be calmer than others and is perfectly good at going with the flow
  • Someone personable and chatty? Or more soft-spoken and mellow?

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Tip #4. The right photographer will be resourceful

Most couples enjoy finding someone that is resourceful and efficient when doing their job. The right photographer will know the perfect locations/areas to match your vision, can shoot in the elements (rain, sun, wind, surf conditions), is aware of cultural sensitivities (especially in Hawaii- this is really important!), and knows how to style or has a stylist and has vendor recommendations if needed. Many photographers will have a blog with eduacational and portfolio resources for thier potential and current clients to use; I highly reccomend checking it out! Photography is MUCH more than just showing up for a photoshoot- it takes thorough planning and knowledge to create the perfect photo session!

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To conclude..

I hope this blog on how to find the right photographer was helpful with your search! There’s no better feeling than having complete confidence in the individual you are entrusting to take your pictures- and the same goes for the photographer as well! We can sense when clients have absolute faith in our abilities! Enjoy these tips and tricks, and be sure to use them the next time you’re looking for the right photographer!

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You’re looking to have a full experience completely customized to you and your unique story. I’m thrilled to bring an intentional, unfussy but elegant approach to your love story, capturing all of the candids and little microstories throughout your day. This way you can relax and focus on celebrating with your loved ones, with no moments missed-from pre-ceremony preparations to your last dance.