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Where to Elope in Hawaii: The Many Landscapes Hawaii Offers

Hawaii is a really popular place to elope, and for a great reason. There is so much diversity in the location options, making it one of the best locations in the world for an elopement! Hawaii offers so many types of landscapes, and there really is something for everyone. Because the islands are small too, it is easy to hit multiple really different looking places in one day!

This post is to help you navigate all the types of landscapes Hawaii has to offer, so you can figure out where you want to elope in Hawaii.

I’ll share some of my favorite location types here, but not going to be including specific locations for each location type, since that’s something I do exclusively for my booked clients (location scouting & selection!). I also want to make sure we’re able to keep our beautiful Hawaii land clean & gorgeous, and keep some of the lesser known spots sacred and private. I promise that if you book me for your Hawaii elopement, I’m an open book location-wise & we’ll find the perfect one(s) for you! 😉

**For each location type, I’ve attached a few of my favorite photos that I’ve taken of my own couples! You can find more across my website, too.**

1. Open Sandy Beaches


Hawaii is famous for its beaches, but did you know there’s even multiple different types of beaches?

Hawaii’s open sandy beaches are perfect if you want a more open landscape for your elopement! You’ll have space to run around, have fun in the sand, and have a wide open, clean background for your celebration.

2. Beaches with Mountains


Not only does Hawaii boast gorgeous, open, sandy beaches, but we also have plenty of oceanside spots featuring green mountain ranges in the background! If you can’t decide between the beach & the mountains of Hawaii, get the best of both worlds with these types of beaches. You’ll get a variety of photos if you do this – some with the open sand & ocean in the background, and some with the picturesque mountains behind you.

3. Mountains at a High Elevation


Believe it or not, Hawaii gets snow sometimes, on top of the mountains at much higher elevations. If you want to escape the real world even farther and elope on top of a higher mountain, we have that too! This dramatic landscape is one of my favorites-it’s really special to get to be up above the clouds, with the icy cold wind blowing through.

4. Waterfalls


Waterfalls are another popular one for Hawaii, and perfect for the adventure seekers. Every island has gorgeous, high waterfalls that are as picturesque as you could dream of. There are some smaller ones, like the one pictured in this first photo, and also some larger ones.  Waterfalls also provide a fun opportunity to take a dip at the end of your elopement if you feel like having some fun in the water with your partner!

5. Rocky Beaches with Tidepools


If you want a little more dimension and depth, choose a rocky beach with tide pools instead of a wide open, sandy one. Hawaii’s rocky beaches provide gorgeous contrast against the clouds and sky, and give you some fun space to climb on.  I love the dark rocks like the ones pictured below – they add so much depth to the beaches and make you stand out – especially if you’re in a light-colored clothing.

6. Cliffsides


Hawaii has some amazing cliffside views, for another dramatic and adventurous look! The color variants with the blue ocean, brown rocks, light sand, AND green mountains all in the same spot are so beautiful. The Hawaiian sunsets over the cliffs are really beautiful too!

7. Mountains


If you’re eloping in Hawaii, you’re also very likely considering tying the knot in the lush green mountains  that it’s famous for. (Jurassic Park movies!) Hawaii’s mountain ranges are like no other with how vibrant and lush the greenery is. If you love being in the tropical mountains, then eloping there with your partner is a great option.

8. Jungles


One of the things that really stand out to visitors is how much greenery we have! The jungle areas here really scream tropical. With giant banyon trees,  tall palms, monsteras, banana trees- it is a really dreamy location. The light shining through the trees provides the most gorgeous glow, and you’ll feel tiny under the huge trees Hawaii’s jungles have!!

9. Grassy Fields & Hills


Hawaii also has some deserty-type places that are more dry. The first photo features a gorgeous bride and groom on a grassy hill overlooking Hawaii’s mountain ranges, and the second set of photos showcases how beautiful the simplicity of our open dry fields are. If you’re into the slightly desert feel, definitely consider finding a grassy field or hill for your elopement!

10. Colored Dirt with Views


Here’s one that is so unique, and photographs so beautiful! The insane, out-of-this-world colored dirt that Hawaii has. It’s the most dreamy landscape and really feels like you’re on another planet. I’m absolutely obsessed with the vibrant red dirt, with green trees along it and even small waterfalls!! And you cannot beat the views of this beautiful canyon. An absolute DREAM.

11. Underwater


And finally, a little untraditional location – underwater!! No one says you have to stay in your elopement clothes all day! Make sure you hire a photographer who has the proper underwater gear so that they can capture you swimming in the super blue waters of Hawaii.

That wraps up all the location types you have to consider when you elope in Hawaii! If you’re searching for a Hawaii elopement photographer, reach out and I’d love to help you find the perfect location(s) for your and your partner. Location plays such a huge part in how special your day is, so let’s find somewhere that you’ll absolutely fall in love with!!

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