Elopement photography

I am a big big advocate for strong and healthy marriages, and absolutely love the excitement of weddings. Being married is seriously one of the biggest blessings ever, and I love getting to be there for couples, and documenting the beginning of theirs! I mean, documenting the first moments of you spending every day of your lives (including the mundane Costco runs, late night ice-cream craving satisfactions, and the morning breath kisses) is an incredible honor and I am SO EXCITED TO BE YOUR GIRL and document you!

My extroverted introvert self THRIVES in those smaller elopements and weddings. I want to get to know you and your love and your favorites (if you have guests) that are out here supporting you! If you are adventurous/ untraditional/ quirky/ messy/ barefooted/ free spirited/ silly/ with a touch of steamy: then we are most likely BFFs.

Yes you will get some amazing photos, but my package includes so much more.

You can count on me to:

  • Assist you with the location scouting/planning.
  • Guide you with your timeline.
  • Assist with what types of dresses/materials work best on an adventure elopement.
  • Provide vendor recommendations based on your needs (florist, officiant, videographer, hair/makeup, planner if applicable).
  • If we hikin’-you know I’ll have good snacks.
  • Keep in touch fo life. Really though, I love keeping in touch with my couples and shooting them again and again! Anniversary sessions, vow renewals, an epic trip…I’m here for you!!

Have the most amazing location/clear direction picked out? AWESOME, I want to hearrr!!! Not sure of all the details, and haven’t picked a location out yet? I’M HERE FOR IT!! You know I have lists of epic bucket lists spots that I’m dying to share with you, right?

Oahu Wedding & Elopement Photography