The Best Yoga Pants of 2020

We all can agree that yoga pants are 100% ok to wear all day err day right? Especially working from home, I’ve been living in them! Check out my list of the best leggings that I have been living in this year!

I wanted to share my favorite current yoga pants (and I’ve tried out quite a few pairs in my time! :p) I hope this helps you find your perfect pair too!


CRZ is probably my favorite ever. Especially for the price. They are the thin “naked feeling”, quick dry, high waisted, and stay up! They aren’t see-through like other thin ones (at least the colors I have-black, maroon, olive green, blue).  They have different styles-some with pockets, some a little thicker material-I’ve heard good things about all of them! They look really small, but stretch so much, so run true to size for me!   I am a size small in these, and on average wear a size 4.


These babies are an investment (at least for me!!) $$ But the sets I’ve had had held up so nicely, and I’ve had them at least 3-4 years. I plan on wearing them pretty much forever. They have the naked feeling too, super light weight, not sheer, high waisted, don’t slip down. All my favorite things that are important when finding that perfect set! I wear a size 4 in these.

Fittin Yoga Pants

These guys are really different from my top two, and just depends on your preference! They are a fun print ( I always usually go for the solid pants!), and a really thick and compressive material. They are even underwear line proof -whaaat!!!! I know. But that’s how thick they are! I got a size small, and they feel prettty compressive. I may have been good with a medium, but I also hate pulling up and adjusting pants when I’m active, so not sure!


I hope this list of top yoga pants helps you find your new favorite pair! Let me know if you try out a pair, and feel free to reach out with any questions!

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