Ryan and Tiff’s Couples Session on Kauai

Meeting Ryan and Tiff on Kauai was an absolute dream, and they were such a joy to shoot. They have been together about 10 years, and their love and affection for each other is so evident. Tiff and Ryan have a joy and excitement for life that is infectious. They moved out to Hawaii together, have done countless trails and camping trips together, are amazing surfers, have done an international mission trip together, lived on a sailboat on Oahu, and now have been embracing their tiny home on Kauai. Talk about an adventurous couple!!

They are also both unapologetically on fire for the Lord, and their marriage is a testament to that. I loved getting to know them as we spend the evening together!

We met up on a wide open sandy beach for the beginning of their couple’s session and played in the sand and water with their board.

We then ventured off to the far corner of the beach to a river mouth, and we crossed, with a prayer and camera overhead.

We scrambled across some tide pools to watch the sun go down. There was an epic natural elevated infinity pool on the far end of the tide pools, and knew it would be an amazing spot to spend the blue hour. Tiff and Ryan climbed inside, and next thing we knew, a huge wave came crashing in and covered us all (we weren’t quite ready!). We waited a while for the next one (and almost gave up!) But got soaked again.

Thank you so much Tiffany and Ryan for sharing the evening with me!! Adventure sessions with couples like this really set me on fire, and assure me I am in the right place!!


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