If exploring a new place excites the heck out of you, I’m right there with you!! I love to adventure and see new things, whether its little pockets of the Hawaiian Islands that I haven’t explored yet, or heading to a different country.

After graduating high school, I packed my bags and moved to Hawaii without knowing anyone, because I wanted to get out and explore. I’ve also explored a few countries solo, which was an incredible experience!

Whether I am coming to your hood for your adventure session, OR we’re meeting somewhere that we have never been to before to elope, I can’t wait to adventure with you!! Tell me where we’re going, and I’ll grab my hiking boots, passport, and trail snacks!!

2020 Travel

Check out where I am heading for 2020! If you are interested in an elopement or adventure session in a location that I will already be exploring, I would love to shoot you too. There are no travel fees for sessions/weddings if I am already in your location and have the room to add you in!

Have a friend that is interested in adventuring together too? There is also the option to share travel fees! What’s better than exploring with your besties and getting epic photos to document?

Want to see your location added to my list? Say hi here and let’s start planning our travels!!

  • January: Oahu
  • February: San Francisco, Big Sur, Portland, Montana, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington
  • March: Kauai
  • April: Oahu
  • May: Oahu
  • June: Maui, Boston
  • July: Alaska
  • August: Oahu
  • September: Big Island
  • October: Oahu
  • November: Oahu
  • December: Oahu

Places I’d love to add to my travel:

  • Oregon Coast
  • Alaska
  • Northern Idaho
  • California
  • North and South Dakota
  • Iceland
  • Greenland
  • Ireland
  • Bali
  • Thailand
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Moab
  • Switzerland
  • Any National Park- see my National Park Page!

Travel Photography Adventures

Travel Photography Adventures, people walking down a pathway between tall trees
Travel Photography Adventures, family posing together in front of geyser
Travel Photography Adventures, father walking down a pathway with child on his shoulders

Travel Photography Adventures