Overcoming Trials In Business- COVID 19 Special

First dear friend, take a deep breath (like, really actually do it!!)

There is so much uncertainty and fear right now. But this won’t last forever. If you let the fear of the unknown take over and overwhelm you, it has the potential to completely paralyze you.

Don’t let that happen. We are all in this together, and we will all get through this.

Now is the time to really take time for rest and self care. This will be the foundational building blocks to work through everything else!


Are you getting in the right amount of sleep?

Are you able to practice mindfulness?

If you’re a believer, are you diving deep into your bible and prayers?

Are loving on your body and eating the right things and moving enough, so that your body can love on you back?

Are you being kind and patient and gentle with your loved ones? And our internet friends? They’re likely feeling the pressures too, so let’s all show up with an abundance of grace for each other.


There are already crazy implications that we’ve all likely felt as business owners, that are very real, and pretty scary.

But through this, we have the choice of what we choose to do with what we’ve been given.

Option 1: Wallow in fear and doubt, crumble. Throw in the towel after a couple weeks of scary news to completely flat line our businesses that we love and have spent years building.


Option 2: We can feel the fear. And then push through. Fear and desperation is an amazing breeding ground for INNOVATION and CREATIVITY. We can adapt. We can plan our next moves that may look totally different than what we anticipated. We can view all the time we’ve been given as a gift-TIME is an incredibly valuable resource, probably even the most valuable resource!! What are you going to do with it?

Will you fumble around in the dark a little bit and make mistakes while you’re figuring out your next moves? Heck yes, probably! Will you grow and learn so much about yourself, your skills, and your business direction? YES yes yes. Let go of any ego you may be holding onto. Give yourself the time and the grace to make errors, this is a completely new curveball we’ve been given. But we can 100% make it through it.

Do not let this tear down what you’ve worked so hard to build. Do not give up and just throw in the towel. You and your business will come out so much stronger and so much more resilient when you make it out of this.

Hey friend!

Hi! I’m Emily, a couples, elopement and brand photographer based on Oahu, Hawaii.
You want a stress free, meaningful, and inspired approach to photography-something creative but still refined. Comfortable, but still elegant. I deeply value every couple that I get to create with, and can’t wait to hear your vision and collaborate with you!