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Maternity Photoshoot: 5 Best Tips For Expecting Mothers

Being a mom is one of the best, most rewarding jobs! No words can fully describe the highs, lows, and everything in-between that comes with the title. There is nothing quite as exciting as being an expectant mother. Knowing that you’re growing a tiny human inside your body is INCREDIBLE!! The closer you get to full term, the less and less patience you have because all you want to die is squeeze them tight and love your babe with your entire being. Having a maternity photoshoot helps to preserve those sweet memories so that you always have them to look back on.

The season of growing your little one is so special and so beautiful.  Everything about a maternity photoshoot is beautiful and always worth documenting. Women’s bodies are incredible, and this season is wonderfully special. Having images you can look back on will not only be sentimental now, but once your child grows older, it’ll be a happy memory. Maternity photoshoots are intimate, tender, and showcase how amazing women’s bodies are! If you’re planning on getting maternity pictures, this blog post is for you! Today I’m sharing my 5 best tips for expecting mothers and their upcoming maternity photoshoot.

mother is holding her pregnant belly on the beach while wearing a black, unbuttoned, button down shirt


#1. Why Do a Maternity Photoshoot

Why book a maternity photo shoot? Let me tell you; the list could go on forever! To start, it is a way to showcase how extraordinary women’s bodies are! They have the ability to grow a tiny human inside of them; that’s incredible. The whole pregnancy process itself is a unique journey unlike any other. The morning sickness, baby kicks, watching your stomach go from little to big, and we can’t forget the pregnancy glow! As I mentioned before, having these pictures that you can look back on will be something you’ll want to cherish forever.

mother is walking along the beach while holding her stomach

mother is standing in the ocean while holding her stomach

black and white portrait of mother standing and holding her pregnant stomach at the beach

#2. When To Book

Now the next question you’re probably wondering is when should you book your maternity photoshoot? I would suggest typically booking between 26-34 weeks depending on the circumstances, but remember that everyone is different. You want to aim to book it when you are starting to show, but you’re not at the point of your pregnancy that you are uncomfortable. Listen to your body and book when you feel would be most fitting for you!

portraits side by side of mother posing in an editorial manner

ground shot looking up at pregnant mother posing in an editorial manner

mother is standing on a rock at the beach looking up at the sky

#3. What To Wear To Your Maternity Photoshoot

Figuring out what you want to wear to any photoshoot is a challenge itself, let alone when you’re pregnant! This is a very commonly asked question from expecting mothers. Here I’m dropping my best advice for those lost in the area of wardrobe expertise.

As a base, wear something you feel great in. The saying “when you feel good, you look good” could not be any more spot on. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in an outfit you’re in. Another great general piece of advice is wearing something flowy. Flowy clothes are always a safe option, not to mention that they add a pretty look to pictures. You can do many poses with flowy clothes, and they are usually less likely to get hot. Classic pieces are another option- you can never go wrong with something timeless! If you are located in a warmer area, I highly recommend wearing linens, bamboo, and natural fabrics. They portray a very clean, timeless, simple, put-together look while being lightweight.

expecting mother is sitting on a rock while holding pregnant stomach and looking down

mother is doing editorial pose

expecting mother is sitting in cave with eyed closed while holding pregnant belly

#4. Where Should You Shoot

This is the fun part! The location you want to shoot at is an entirely personal preference. It all comes down to the vibe and look you aim to achieve. Some may prefer a more urban look and want to shoot in the city with lots of contrasts and lively action. Others may shoot for a down-to-earth feel and go somewhere more green with lots of nature and breathtaking scenery. Being in Hawaii, many are all for a beachy coastal vibe and want pictures with lots of natural light, and neutral colors. Another really fun option is a lifestyle option where mothers choose to shoot in the comfort of their own homes.

mother is facing camera straight on and holding stomach

mother is holding pregnant stomach while standing on beach

#5. Who Should Be Involved in Your Maternity Photoshoot

If you’ve looked at Pinterest or other social media platforms, you may have seen that maternity shoots can be very different in terms of who is in the picture. This is also another question that is an entirely personal preference. Some expecting mothers prefer to shoot solo and have their sessions be filled with portraits of just them and their bumps. Others like to include their family and may have their spouse, children, or both be involved. I don’t think it makes a huge difference because, in the end, the main focus is on the mama and her bump! Whether you choose to shoot solo or with loved ones, the pictures will still turn out sentimental!

mother is walking along rocks on the beach

black and white portrait of mother holding stomach

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