black and white shot from below of the bride and groom holding hands and laughing at each other

Kai + Lucy’s North Shore, Hawaii Elopement

This summer has been a whirlwind!! It seems like I’m shooting a new session every two days- I can’t complain, though; there’s something about the summer months that give photos a unique charm. Many may also see the summer as wedding season- usually the busiest time of year for photographers!

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mother has shirt unbuttoned to show off baby bump

Maternity Photoshoot: 5 Best Tips For Expecting Mothers

Being a mom is one of the best, most rewarding jobs! No words can fully describe the highs, lows, and everything in-between that comes with the title. There is nothing quite as exciting as being an expectant mother. Knowing that you’re growing a tiny human inside your body is INCREDIBLE!!

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film picture of surfers and people in the water of the waikiki beach

6 Best Trendy Waikiki Hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii

Are you planning a trip to Honolulu and are lost in the hotel/ amenities department? This blog post is for you! Whether you are coming to the island for a family vacay, elopement, honey moon, or just to live your best life- I’m giving you the complete info on the

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Couple is running across a road with eachother

Soo Mee + Jimmy- Oahu, Destination Engagement

If you have friends or family members who work in the technology world, then you know how jam packed their schedules are! That was the case for Jimmy and Soo Mee, one is busy working in the tech industry while the other is a really talented abstract painter. I like

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couple is holding hands, running on the beach while laughing

4 Best Tips on Finding The Right Photographer

Have you ever heard the saying “a picture says a thousand words”? It may be cliche, but the truth is that a beautiful moment can be sabotaged with the wrong photographer. As an individual in the photography profession, it is crucial for seeking clients to find someone who understands their

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couple is looking at eachother passionately on beach cliffside

Hayden + Madeline’s Coastal Hawaii Adventure Elopement

Hayden and Madeline’s story is so unique. They’ve known each other since junior high and eventually started dating! During a previous trip to Hawaii, the two hiked the top of the Lanikai pillbox, and there Hayden proposed. When I asked the couple why they chose to elope, their response was

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couple is holding hands on top of cliff

Adam and Jennas Intimate Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot

Jenna and Adam are one of those couples that just fit! Everything about them meshes and molds perfectly together to create a relationship that exemplifies authentic, genuine, and exciting love. When asking how they first met, I was shocked to find out it was at a bar!- in Jenna’s words,

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bride and groom are holding hands and running on the beach

8 Signs You Should Consider Eloping

Time for some real talk- traditional weddings are losing their appeal. Yes, they may be fun but in reality they are extremely stressful to plan, they can get expensive and oftentimes they are more centered on pleasing the guests than being focused on the bride + groom! Now, don’t get

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