How to Choose the Best Location for Adventure Couples or Elopement Sessions

Wondering how to choose the best location for adventure sessions in Hawaii? As an adventure wedding photographer and someone who has lived on Oahu going on 20 years, I love helping my couples pick the perfect location for their session! I know there are so many incredible spots in Hawaii, from the gorgeous ocean views to the lush mountain forests. It can be overwhelming trying to pick the perfect spot! That is why I have created a list of different ways to choose a location that is right for you.

Adventure elopement photography by Emily Choy

How to choose the best location for adventure sessions

As you begin the process of choosing your session location, it is really important to balance out these three factors:

Accessibility. You want to think about how accessible you would like your location to be. Keep in mind that the more accessible the location, the less private it will likely be.

Beauty. Consider how important is it to you to be in a really stunning and dramatic location. Keep in mind, the more beautiful and breathtaking the location, the more people will be there.

Privacy. Think about how important it is to you to have more privacy at your location. If you want to share a very special, intimate moment, this might rank higher on your list.

It’s important to choose your top two important factors. Keep in mind that the third factor will likely be compromised a bit. For example, if accessibility and stunning location are the two most important things, it likely won’t be as private. If privacy and beauty are the top two factors for you, it likely won’t be as accessible and may require a longer hike to access. Weighing these options will also help you narrow down your location options!

How to find the best location for your adventure couples sessionOahu adventure couples sessionAdventure elopement photography by Emily Choy

Choosing the type of location

When choosing the type of location for your adventure session, make sure to choose something that feels like you. Think about something that feels like it is a big part of your relationship. For example, if you’re big beach people, choose the beach. If you are big hikers, choose the mountains.

Another, more adventurous option would be to choose something new and different to explore! Celebrate exploring a new type of space with your partner. This is a great way to create new memories together and will be sure to lead to some stunning photos.

Oahu mountain couples session Oahu mountain couples session Oahu mountain couples session Oahu mountain couples session

Consider your favorite colors

Your backdrop’s colors are an often overlooked, but important detail. You want to make sure that you are considering spots that showcase your favorite colors. Also, think about printing out your photos, and keep in mind the colors in the location with the colors in your home that you love. If you love the cool blues of the ocean and sky, pick a spot with ocean views. If you prefer lush greenery and bold colors, pick a place that is in the mountains.

How to find the best location for your adventure Elopement session How to find the best location for your adventure couples session

The most important thing is that you pick a location that you love and feels like you. You’ll keep these photos for years to come, so you want to love them. Part of that is also picking a photographer who you trust who can help make the most of your location and get those amazing shots. Are you considering a Hawaiian elopement or adventure shoot? Get in touch and let’s chat about finding the best location for your adventure session!


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