Elopement Bouquet 101: Choosing Florals for Your Elopement

Let’s talk about a topic that I don’t see written about often: choosing florals for your adventure elopement! There is so much you have to take into consideration when hiring a florist to create your elopement bouquet + any other floral pieces for your celebration. 

I interviewed Jess of Puakaie Floristry, a Hawaii wedding florist, to answer your biggest questions about elopement florals. You can find Jess @puakaiefloristry on Instagram and reach out through DM’s to book her!

How to Choose Your Florist: An Interview with Puakaie Floristry


Where should we start?

“Most brides go on Pinterest and Instagram for inspo.

Feel free to go out of the ordinary with your flowers as well, because elopements are out of the ordinary! Incorporate your lifestyle preferences into your flowers.”

What should I look for in a florist?

“Florists are artists that work with flowers – and each one has their own unique style. Pick a florist based on personality! Make sure you could see yourselves being friends with the florist you choose. 

I am a one-woman shop, so you are talking directly to your designer with me. [With a bigger company] you won’t have the same personalized attention that a small-scale florist could give you. Also note that small scale florists tend to be a bit more expensive because of that personalization, and you are working with small-scale volumes.”

What sets florists apart from each other?

“A florist is a flower artist. Each artist has their own vision, design, and style that is very unique to them. Trust your florist and let them do their job; let them create for you. Don’t expect an exact replica of another bouquet, or especially someone else’s from Pinterest. Let them use that as inspiration, to create something beautiful and unique for you!”

What questions should I ask my florist before booking them?

  • If you have a specific flower you want: Is it available at the time of year of our wedding?
  • Can I pick my flowers up the day before (if it is a sunrise elopement)?
  • Do you have a minimum order?
  • What is your cancellation policy?

What should I make sure to inform my florist of?

  • Any allergies
  • Any flowers that mean certain things in your culture (some flowers have different meanings culturally)
  • Let them know what type of elopement you are doing – beach, hiking, indoors, etc. so they can pick flowers and wrap accordingly. 

What can I expect when working with a florist?

“For me: the client will inquire, I’ll send out a consultation form that will itemize what they may need (leis, bouquets, etc.) and send it back with inspo photos or a color palette. 

From there I put together a design board, and then do a phone consultation. 

After that, I put together a cost estimate based on the design, then the invoice, deposit to work, and then the balance 30 days before the event. 

I order the flowers two weeks before the event, pick up and prep them 2-3 days before, and put them together the day before or the day of.”

What should we take into consideration when choosing flowers?

  • Availability based on the location & what’s in season
  • How hearty the flowers are if you’ll be going hiking or will be outdoors
  • Some couples like to put leis out in the ocean for their loved ones, so let the florist know [of any special requests like this one] so they can make them eco-friendly. 

What should we consider specifically for a Hawaii-based elopement?

  • The weather – choose flowers that can sustain the sun and the heat. We also may not be able to get them here, since a lot of things need to be shipped. 
  • Also, everything in Hawaii costs more, and based on the shipping costs, there is a surcharge. If you want specific flowers, you will pay a premium rate to get them here. 
  • If you can go with local tropical flowers, that’s great because they are locally available, and grow here so they are adapted to the weather. You are also supporting local businesses by doing that! 

What are some specific flowers that are hearty & good for an adventure elopement bouquet?

Most tropical flowers (proteas, orchids, anthurium, heliconia, ginger), roses, dried flowers/greenery, and sunflowers are all hearty to withstand an adventure elopement.

There you have it: everything you need to know about choosing a florist for your adventure elopement from an amazingly talented Hawaii florist. Wishing you the best of luck on your search for your perfect florist – which is something I’ll help with as your elopement photographer!


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