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HI YOU TWO. Let’s make this special. I will third wheel along side on your adventure date and capture your amazing love. 

If you would rather be outside climbing a mountain, frolicking in the waves, cliff jumping, or trying out some good food trucks with your love than at a dinner and a movie then we are probably a good fit. If makeup is hard and you don’t know how to use a curling iron, then I’m really sorry, I can’t help you either! But don’t worry, you look amazing as you are, and the wind will do whatever it wants anyway ;) ;)

Our adventure will consist of about 80% movement (READ wear practical footwear or barefoot works best!), and so if you don’t know what to do with your hands, or if you “super awkward in front of the camera”, girl-SAME and don’t worry, I got you! I will guide the two of you throughout the entire shoot, and so you will never be left guessing. LES GO!

  • Land Adventure: $600; 60 minute session, let’s explore the coast, mountains, jungle, you name it!

  • Land and Sea Adventure: $750; 90 minute session- we’ll spend a little time on land exploring, and then the majority of time in the water! Not fully confident swimming in the open ocean water? Let’s choose a spot and play waist deep.

  • Ultimate Adventurers: $1200; OH darling, let’s explore!!! Up to 3 hour session. Let’s hit up a cute local food joint, do a hike, and then cool off in those golden sunset waters. Multiple locations and outfit changes for a non-rushed, take your time, let’s-make-a-day-out-of-it session!!

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