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All About Bridal Portraits: Why Take Extra Wedding Photos?

Today, I’m talking all about bridal portraits! Adventure bridal sessions can take place either before or after your elopement. They are wonderful for extra wedding photos!

First of all, what is a bridal session/bridal portrait session?


A bridal session is a separate portrait session where you & your fiancé/spouse get back into your wedding clothes! We go somewhere beautiful and take photos of the two of you together in the outfits you wore to your wedding. Or, you can wear another set of bridal-type outfits you have instead. I personally love photographing adventure bridal sessions, where we hike or drive somewhere amazing and take in the views together! And Hawaii is the perfect place for us to do just that.

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When do bridal sessions happen?


You can do your bridal session during a few different time periods! It depends on what you would prefer and what your wedding day will be like. Here are the most common times you’ll probably consider for your bridal session:

  • The day or a few days before your wedding
  • The day after your wedding
  • During your honeymoon
  • On your anniversary

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Why you should do an adventure bridal session


Let’s talk about why you’d want to do a bridal session when you’ll already have photos taken on your wedding day!


  • To add some adventure to your traditional wedding celebration

If you opt for a more “traditional” wedding day for any number of reasons, you may end up missing out on the adventure aspect that many couples truly love. Whether you want to have a traditional wedding, or you’re doing it so you can celebrate with your loved ones. You don’t have to miss out on the experience of an adventure elopement!

Bridal sessions are perfect for any couple who want some epic outdoor wedding photos at an amazing location. 


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  • To get some intimate time together right before/after your wedding day

Whether you celebrate with a traditional wedding or an elopement, you’ll likely come to the end of the day and realize how fast it went by! Maybe you didn’t spend as much time with your partner as you would have liked to because of the craziness happening around you; you wish you had been more intentional.

I hear this from many couples – that their wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye and they did not get the chance to just enjoy it.

That’s where bridal sessions come in: they offer the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to connect, experience the outdoors, and spend intentional time with one another! Plus, you’ll get even more beautiful wedding photos, away from the busyness of the day and away from distractions.


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  • To celebrate an anniversary

Bridal sessions are so much fun to do on your anniversary! You can book a session every year together to celebrate, and make a trip + tradition out of it. Or, you can book them to celebrate the bigger milestone anniversaries, like your 5-year wedding anniversary!


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  • They make for a super fun activity on a trip

Doing a bridal session together is a super great activity for a trip, whether it’s a trip for an anniversary, a regular vacation, or your honeymoon right after your wedding! 

Pack your wedding attire and put it on at an epic location, and bring yourselves back to the feelings you experienced on your wedding day. It’s a great time to reconnect and simply spend time together, remembering why you chose to marry and love one another!


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  • Diversity in your wedding images

Booking an adventure bridal session also gives you a ton more diversity in your wedding portraits! 

Rather than just having wedding photos at the one or two locations you celebrated your wedding at, you’ll receive a gallery of beautifully diverse photos. Having photos at multiple locations is so fun and makes for even more wonderful memories of the intentional time you spent together before/after your wedding day!


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  • Gives you beautiful photos together if you don’t love your original wedding portraits

Finally, bridal sessions are a way to give you beautiful wedding photos if you aren’t crazy about your original wedding images. I hear way too often that couples aren’t happy with their wedding images, or chose a more budget photographer (or no photographer at all!) and regret it. It makes me so sad, so doing bridal sessions give those couples an amazing way to get stunning wedding portraits together!


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Bridal session pricing


My adventure bridal sessions can include a hike for some mountaintop views, a beach on the side of the road, or a combination of a couple different locations. 

What’s included: 

  • Private online gallery with hi-resolution files with printing rights to view + download;
  • Assist with timeline creation for optimal lighting and experience;
  • Assist with styling + choosing the perfect outfit to compliment you and the location;
  • Location guidance catered to your vision

Bridal session pricing begins at $800 for Hawai’i based destinations!


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A fun fact about this bridal session gallery – it was shot by an associate photographer of mine on Maui! If you don’t know what an associate photographer is, hop on over to this article to find out. Enjoy the rest!

couple looking out at ocean mountainelopement bride kissing groom bride and groom looking at view couple walking through mountains couple leaning heads together couple kissing over ocean wedding dress blowing in the wind couple sitting by the ocean couple sitting by ocean couple watching ocean wedding bridal portraits black and white photo of bride and groom


You’re looking to have a full experience completely customized to you and your unique story. I’m thrilled to bring an intentional, unfussy but elegant approach to your love story, capturing all of the candids and little microstories throughout your day. This way you can relax and focus on celebrating with your loved ones, with no moments missed-from pre-ceremony preparations to your last dance.