• I am a dreamer. I had my heart SET on living on a sail boat until a few years ago, and was planning on creating our sweet family memories, home schooling, family holidays on our floating little home. Still might happen? ;)

  • Give me all the outdoors. My husband and I are always outside and went on so many camping adventures (before we added our first born to the mix! PLZ GIVE US ALL THE TRAVELING WITH BABIES TIPS). We try visit a new State or National Park on almost every mainland trip!

  • I am an INFJ :) soft spoken but strong opinions, sensitive, idealist (YES)

  • I love to create. Growing up my older brother and I would trade each other art projects for math home work :D Definitely had a good trade going!

  • I want a big ‘ol family. I was one of four kids growing up, and have 40 something cousins? I love the ENERGY and CHAOS of our get togethers! We have two little boys and plan on having about 58920580 more :)


MY approach

  • I am all about those candid, raw captures, and capturing you and your love with all of your fun quirks that make you YOU! Please be warned, you will be moving around for 98% of the shoot, so that we can get some dynamic shots in!

  • Take me on an adventure, and lets explore the area. I love shooting outside- - even visiting the same location multiple times, it is different every time! - - The clouds, the sunset, big ‘ol logs that wash up, the tide, heck sometimes we get lucky and someone makes a little boho driftwood shack to play around in!

  • I am 100% about connection-connection between you and your love, and connection with me the two of you. I am there to frolic, dance, run, joke alongside you and leave with new friends!