HEY YOU!! SO STOKED YOU LANDED ON THIS PAGE. My name is Emily and I am your friendly neighborhood hot-mess mama married to the love of my life ANDREW (seriously married up with this guy!) I am a boy-mama to our two sweet and rascal boys (2 years old and newborn) and on my days off can be found outdoors.

Random facts-

-I am a friendly-but-introverted, ex-marathoner (someday I'll get back though, right!?), yoga loving, thrift store queen, granola-ey type of girl.

-My husband and I have a goal to visit as many National Parks as we can. We have been able to knock off quite a few since getting married, and have a fridge covered in magnets to remember our trips by!

-Absolute favorite store is Anthropolgie and get a huge thrill when finding one-of-a- kind lookalikes from flea markets and antique shops with my husband for a fraction of the price! Andrew has an amazing eye for treasure hunting and credits his skill to his early lego days scanning for pieces!

-I am a complete INFJ- What about you?

-Grew up barefoot all the time in the country in California, now barefooting my way through Oahu :)

Get chatting here and let's get going!!!