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8 Signs You Should Consider Eloping

Time for some real talk- traditional weddings are losing their appeal. Yes, they may be fun but in reality they are extremely stressful to plan, they can get expensive and oftentimes they are more centered on pleasing the guests than being focused on the bride + groom! Now, don’t get me wrong- I still think big weddings are fun and serve as an awesome time to socialize and celebrate the coming together of loved ones, however, I’m here to offer up an alternative for those who believe traditional weddings aren’t quite their style. In this post I’m going over 8 common signs indicating you should elope!


1. You’d rather spend time with an intimate small circle than a large group.

When it comes to socializing, you’ve always enjoyed time spent with family and loved ones. You’d choose a small group setting over a big one- especially when it comes to saying your vows on the big day! (the thought of being on stage for such a special moment doesn’t sound appealing to you). If big social gatherings aren’t really your scene, this may be your golden ticket to consider eloping, with the exception of inviting a few close family and friends.

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2. You prefer experiences over things

It’s no secret weddings come with a lot of baggage- decor, signage, linens, silverware, a dance floor, favors, rentals- the list could go on! When you choose to go with a smaller celebration, you have more opportunity to experience different things + places within your budget AND are left with more time in your schedule to do so! Speaking of wedding budget- the average wedding cost is around $34,000. That’s a big portion of money that could be used to book flights and elope in magical places such as Hawaii- (check out my blog on how to plan a hawaii adventure elopement). But seriously, all things considered, if this description sounds a lot like you, take it as a sign! Choosing to elope is the perfect way to direct your finances towards creating long lasting memories, rather than collecting various items that will be used once.

the couple is holding hands and running along the beach along with holding hands facing eachother in the greenery

3. A big wedding day was never your style

Let’s be honest- some of us aren’t so keen on the idea of having a huge wedding celebration. A lot of us may feel like Tula from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (if you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend you do, it’s a classic), where the thought of having your entire extended family on both sides, whole childhood neighborhood, and all of your moms facebook friends who religiously keep up-to-date on your relationship status, be present on your guest list. If the thought of having a big wedding overwhelms you, accept it as a sign that elopement is more your style. Eloping keeps the marriage scene small and intimate- ensuring that the attention is focused on the love between you and your future spouse!

groom is looking at his wife, her back is turned to him. the coupple is walking along the beach holding hands

4. Family

Some family dynamics are a little complicated, and large events may add unnecessary stress! Or- some couples may not get to see their families very often and would rather include a family trip into their destination wedding/ elopement to keep the experience more personal, along with getting in quality family time. Whichever family situation you may have, eloping is the perfect solution! You can choose whether to include loved ones on your special day or, you have the option to keep it between you and your partner- either way, it’s the perfect alternative!

couple is running while holding hands, embracing in a passionate kiss, and looking deeply into eachothers eyes

If you’ve read through my first four signs and you have come to the conclusion that eloping is best suited for you- yay! As a photographer who focuses on elopements/ destination weddings I would love to photograph your big day! 

Likewise, if you are still on the fence about what kind of a wedding scene you’d like, let me enlighten you on four more common indications

couple is in the forest looking deeply into eachothers eyes

5. You love to travel and want a destination wedding

I think this sign answers itself! If you’re a total travel junkie or you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a unique place- eloping is right up your alley! You can click here to find my list of best places on Oahu to elope.

light is illuminating the bride and groom while they are in the greenery together.

6. Your saving up for something big!-

Future trips, down payments, future kids, student loans. Eloping is the perfect alternative that can be financially friendly to those with a tighter budget.

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7. Big weddings and events stress you out

We often overlook + underestimate the amount of planning that goes into a wedding. There are many details to factor in when organizing a traditional wedding/larger event- lots of schedule/timeline consideration, vendors, the venue, finding a date that accommodates desired guests, and establishing the overall flow of the big day. Elopements and micro weddings can be as simple or detailed as you like!-there is a lot of fluidity built into these options. If you’d prefer your wedding to have as minimal stress as possible, that is your sign to elope!

couple is in the foreset and the bride is looking back at the groom and smiling

8. You don’t love being the center of attention

Not everyone enjoys having all eyes on them- and that is totally okay! There are those who would much rather have a lowkey celebration where the pressure of being in the spotlight is dimmed significantly. Choosing to elope reduces the chances of being overwhelmed with uneasy thoughts or feelings around your big day. No one wants to feel like they need to impress others on a day dedicated towards them!

the couple is kissing passiontely on the beach

As you’ve come to the end of this post, I hope these common signs were helpful in deciding if you should elope! If you feel that eloping is the perfect fit for you- feel free to reach out so we can capture special moments on your big day!

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You’re looking to have a full experience completely customized to you and your unique story. I’m thrilled to bring an intentional, unfussy but elegant approach to your love story, capturing all of the candids and little microstories throughout your day. This way you can relax and focus on celebrating with your loved ones, with no moments missed-from pre-ceremony preparations to your last dance.