7 Tips to Nail Your In-Home Couple’s Session

7 Tips to Nail Your in Home Session

I got to play around with a cozy in-home session couples shoot in San Francisco through Evolve Workshop with Morgan from In Frames Photography, and had so much fun.

I am primarily an outdoors adventure session photographer (living in Hawaii, of course want to take advantage of our beautiful island!), so this was something completely different for me.

I love getting to be creative and push myself at something I don’t normally get to try. I soaked up allllll the tips, and wanted to share it with you here!

  1. NATURAL LIGHT- in these will be your best friend. Choose your in home session in a place that has a ton of good natural light pouring through the windows. Trust me, good natural light is everything when it comes to beautiful indoor sessions! Choose a place that has large sliding glass doors or big windows. Face your subjects towards the light for the most flattering lighting, and so that it dances across their faces and picks up all the gorgeous details in their hair, eyes, etc!
  2. TIME OF DAY- choose the time of day when the sun pours in the strongest! This will vary home to home, but typically mid-late morning or later in the afternoon to catch the sun.
  3. ANGLES- try different angles you might not normally try at an outdoor session (get down low on the floor, climb up and shoot from the stairs, etc). There wont be as much movement as a typical outdoor session, so create visual interest through different angles and framing.
  4. POSING-the direction will likely be more cozy, intimate and not have a ton of movement like an outdoor session would. Have a few intimate poses ready, and then have fun seeing the poses evolve based on each unique couple’s dynamics! Also add in some fun lifestyle ones (cooking, reading, getting a snack form the fridge), as well as the cozy ones.
  5. STYLING– choose outfits that make sense! I feel that a more fancy outfit would look out of place in an in home session, unless you’re really going for that editorial look. Choose outfits that feel cozy and lived in, and follow the same general color and pattern guidelines as my “What the Heck Do I Wear” blog post. Denim is always cute and casual, plain tops to not distract, even some cute boy short underwear would be fun if you’re comfortable!
  6. GET CREATIVE-Give yourself time and permission to play around with these! Get creative, try a smoke machine (like these ones!) and play with the light rays, try fun angles, do an activity.
  7. KNOW YOUR SETTINGS-Make especially sure to shoot in KELVIN here! You’ll thank me later 😉

I’d love to hear if these tips are helpful for you!! Now go rock your in home couple’s session!!!

xx Emily



I hope these tips help with your in home sessions!!! I’d love to hear if you use any of these tips!!

xx Emily

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