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6 Best Trendy Waikiki Hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii

Are you planning a trip to Honolulu and are lost in the hotel/ amenities department? This blog post is for you! Whether you are coming to the island for a family vacay, elopement, honey moon, or just to live your best life- I’m giving you the complete info on the best, trendy, most Instagram worthy Waikiki hotels nestled in the heart of Honolulu! 

Waikiki is notorious for being an upbeat and lively neighborhood to its locals and guests. Previously established as “stomping grounds for Hawaiian royalty”, Waikiki is a spot you cant miss! With a strip soley dedicated to designer shopping brands, fine wine and dining, surf and beach areas and the Honolulu Zoo- it’s the perfect spot to stay if your wanting a “modern take” on island life. With an abundance of worldwide tourists calls for an abundance of world-class, trendy, hotels that are guaranteed to live up to all of your Instagram picture dreams! These 6 best trendy Waikiki hotels are at the top of my list of recommendations!


film picture of a lounge area of the Surf Jack hotel in Waikiki

The Surf Jack

Located on Lewers St. Honolulu, this mid-century hotel aims to stay true to its island roots through its authentic, retro, creative & soulful Hawaii decor. Surf Jack hotel celebrates its uniqueness by encouraging guests to get outside and explore the island’s magic. This Waikiki hotel is the perfect fit for anyone wanting to get the “island” feel in the city.


From my research, I would say that the average price per night is around $250.


4.5 stars

Best feature

A cool thing about this hotel is that it offers a pool known as the “swim club”- a spot where locals and guests can enjoy lounging around, drinking a cocktail, and enjoying themselves! Their pool is so so cool, a work of art and would make the cutest vacation photo feature!

Film picture of poolside of the Surf Jack Hotel

Film picture of the Surf Jacks Hotel pool that has the writing "wish you were here!"

film picture of the inside of the coffee shop of the Surf Jack hotel with a board that says "the CDC says you're sexy but coffee makes you sexier"



Film picture of the Kaimana Beach Hotel in Waikiki

Kaimana Beach Hotel

If an ocean view is what you had in mind when vacating, then the Kaimana Beach Hotel is the perfect fit for you! Its claim to fame is the only boutique property located directly on sand- boujee but make it island style. A creative and modern space with an island influence makes this hotel’s decor and atmosphere fitting for those who have an eye for creative pieces and decor. This Waikiki hotel is stunning, to say the least!


The average price per/ night is around $350.00


4.4 stars

Best Feature

For those wanting to experience fun activities but have no time to plan them- the Kaimana Club is a nice touch. For an extra fee, they will provide you with various activities to try: a pro surf school, wellness classes that include stand-up paddle boarding, Hawaiian culture classes that teach you how to make leis & many more! Very fun and stress-free.

Film picture of the outide dining area of the Kaimana Beach Hotel

Film picture of the balconies of the Kaimana Beach Hotel in Waikiki



Film picture of waikiki hotels

The Modern Honolulu

The Modern Hotel is an excellent choice for guests who may prefer more of a resort type feel. With endless options of amenities, accommodations, and a location so close to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre- this hotel will make your stay easy and convenient. It doesn’t portray the “island” style as much as others, but for some guests, that may be the ideal option. Its sleek, modern, and innovative design will give you all the city vibes and is a beautiful Waikiki Hotel.


Around $250.00 a night.


4.1 Stars

Best Feature

Their commitment sustainability is a big draw for me!-lots of natural lighting, eco-friendly cleaning products, led lighting in the rooms, and farm to table organic + in season menus in their restaurant.  The  Modern Honolulu has the most beautiful outdoor dining restaurant-The Grove with a beautiful view and decor. Their Sunrise Pool is also super beautiful-a sophisticated take on mid-century modern picture of a state holding lei's at downtown waikiki

film picture of surf boards stacked at a Waikiki beach

Film picture of a mural on a downtown Waikiki hotel



film picture of the Lay Low hotels sign


The Laylow Hotel, Autograph Collection

The Laylow hotel is part of the Autograph collection series by the Mariott chain. This hotel prides itself on its mid-century modern aesthetic that captures 1960’s Hawaii at a standstill. With modern amenities and the classic Hawaii experience- what could be better? The Laylow is the perfect combination of the lowkey, laid-back vibe with a present, up-to-date feel. This Waikiki hotel is a fantastic modern oasis.


Around $350.00 per night


4.5 stars

Best Feature

If you’re a big foodie, this hotel may be for you! What could be better with its location so close to Waikiki’s island cuisines? Ethnic food, beverages, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, island cuisine, and lively nightlife, this may be all the entertainment needed by some guests!

film picture of a lounge area at the Lay Low hotel

Film picture of the outdoor lounge area at the Lay Low hotel

film picture of the outdoor pool at the Lay Low hotel



Film picture of the front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki

The Royal Hawaiian- Luxury Collection

We’re onto another Mariott special- The Royal Hawaiian, part of the Luxury Collection. This Waikiki hotel is considered a resort full of “timeless luxury.” Known as the “pink palace of the Pacific,” the hotel offers guests an exotic experience with rich Hawaiian spirit and culture. If you appreciate vibrant colors and a tropical environment- this hotel in Waikiki is defiantly the fit for you!


This Waikiki hotel is definitely more pricey, but its entire portfolio makes up for it. With the average price of $550.00 a night, you will surely get your money’s worth.


It is rated as a 5-star hotel.

Best Feature

This hotel is a living museum! The second hotel to be built in Waikiki, in 1927. Walk through its grand hallways, elevators, take in the decor-it is such a treasure and worth strolling through and experiencing it, even if you don’t stay here.  The Royal Hawaiian also offers a one-of-a-kind tour that takes attendees through the resort to learn about its unique and historical treasures, along with emphasizing the importance of the resort’s sacred grounds.

Film picture of the front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel- facing straight on

film picture of outdoor two seat table at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Film picture of palm trees outside the pink walls of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Film picture of beach seating at the Royal Hawaiian hotel



film picture of the front of the Queen Kapiolani Hotel at Waikiki

Queen Kapiolani Hotel

The Queen Kapiolani Hotel is named after the reigning Queen of Hawaii-Queen Kapiolani. She reigned from 1874-1891 and was known for her immense love and service for the Hawaiian people. She was extremely well loved by the people and her legacy is still a very large part of modern day Hawaii.  Known for its exquisite view of Diamond Head and the ocean- this hotel is an excellent option for anyone wanting to stay in Waikiki. If you choose to stay at the Queen Kapiolani, check out the garden named after the late Hawaiian queen as well. Notorious for its overflow of hibiscus (the state’s national flower), this garden is sure to live up to all expectations.


The average price per night is around $410.00.


4.0 Star 

Best Feature

The Queen Kapiolani prides itself in offering activities that will last you the whole day. With fitness classes such as yoga and a running club in the morning, then group activities during the day, you’ll be ready to treat yourself to some fine dining in the evening. Not to mention their Knots Coffee Roasters, which serves as a quaint little cafe for its guests.

film picture of the coffee shop located inside of the Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Waikiki

film picture of island inspired art inside the Queen Kapiolani Hotel

film picture of art murals for sale inside the Queen Kapiolani Hotel

Film picture of a mural in the lobby of the Queen Kapiolani Hotel


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