5 Things Your Photographer Wants You to Know but may Not Want to Tell You

There are things that I’ve talked with other photographers about that ring true for many of us!! Oftentimes we don’t want to share them outright.  My goal is to always break the “client-vendor” barriers down, and to create a more authentic connection with the awesome couples I get to interact with!! Here are 5 things that I may not want to lay on the table, but that I wish everyone knew.

  1. We want to be friends. Seriously!! I love love love finding “my people”, and have totally hung out with past clients!! ANnnnd my own wedding photographer! My contact form is long for this reason, and I love when couples take time to fill it out with a ton of detail. This helps me get to know you so much more, and creates for a better experience for all of us. We want to be so much more than just a vendor-we are a huge part of some of the most special and intimate moments of your lives, and want to feel more like old friends on your day!! It will make for a much better experience for all of us to feel comfy cozy with each other, and the images will reflect it.
  2. It’s just as important for you to be the right fit for us, and it is for us to be the right fit for you.  I hope this one doesn’t rub too many people the wrong way-hear me out. 1000% take your time finding the photographer whose style completely resonates with you. For their personality, shooting style, editing style, everything. BUT you also deserve a photographer who is passionate, on fire, and inspired to document the moments that are so important for you!! If your wedding day is a large traditional church wedding (which is awesome!!), find a photographer who is in love with shooting these types of weddings. You want someone who is on fire for the type of photography that you are looking for!!
  3. When we hit “send” on our galleries, we start refreshing our inboxes looking for feedback. Ok I may be exaggerating a bit on this one. Hahahaha. BUT we love feedback, and so much appreciate when the feedback comes sooner than later!! When I deliver a gallery (especially a wedding!!), I no joke feel like I have given birth. The parallels are hilarious-my body is even sore and exhausted!! Think about it-there has been months and months of planning, phone calls, emails leading up to the wedding day. Both getting to know each other, and logistics of the day. I seriously fall in love and get emotionally invested in pretty much every couple that I work with!! I prep the day before for the big event, printing out all the timelines, making sure I have all the gear I need for a seamless day. The day of is happy and long and full of emotions! Then the editing takes me weeks. I cull through 1000’s of images carefully selecting the best ones and relive your day over and over. My husband is called over multiple multiple times to the computer-“BABE!! Look at this one!! Gahhh .I love it!!! How cuuuute!!!!!”, to which he politely agrees “Wow babe!! Great job.” (sweet man). I make my edits, set it down for a day or two, revisit and make a few tweaks, carefully going over skin tones, shadows, highlights, horizon lines, everything. When I feel it is perfect and ready to go out I export and hit send, and am really proud of the images I deliver!! I almost always hear back right away, but the times I don’t, I will follow up. Of course I don’t want to jump to the conclusion of “They hate it!!! They just don’t know how to tell me!!”, but those thoughts do sometimes linger!! I know that most times newly weds are just really busy and sometimes it just doesn’t occur to them that their photographer may be looking for feedback. I promise though, even just the quickest one line is so appreciated!
  4. Trust us. Guys, this one is huge. Trust in our artistic abilities-with our prompting, wardrobe guides, location guides, timeline suggestions. There is really not a worse feeling than not feeling trust from your couples!! I’ve very rarely had it happen, but it is not a good feeling. When I receive an extensive shot list of poses or have an overload of direction during our time together, it kills any type of creative juice I have brewing. Trust your photographer’s ability to create something incredibly special and unique created just for you!!
  5. We ultimately just want to to be so so happy, and get some bomb photos. Honestly guys, this is really what it comes down to!! I really want you to have the absolute best photographer for you, whether thats me, or a different photographer!! Photographers are a complete package-personality, shooting style, editing style, and type of shoot/niche. I am so passionate about photography, and have been able to niche down to my absolute favorite type of photography, mixing two things that really set me on fire-couples and adventure. I want to be the absolute best fit for my couples, and for my couples to be the absolute best fit for me!! This is where the magic really comes together, and we can create something amazing.

Did any of these things surprise you? Or are these things no brainers? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these!!

xx Emily

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