5 Things to Do During a Slow Season

5 Things to Do During a Slow Season in Your Business

A lot of us are likely in a slow season now with COVID 19 virus and the quarantine. We now are given back one of the most valuable resources: time. The number one priority is to take care of our physical and mental health, and to take care of our loved ones.

After we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, there are so many things we can do in our businesses too, so that we can face the busy season again! 

Here’s what I will be focusing on in the upcoming months:

  1. Education!! Mentorships, online course, guides, heck even Youtube tutorials! Learn about marketing/branding, SEO, a new editing technique, how to make GIFs, how to kick butt at Pinterest. There’s always more to learn!!!  Ohhh MAN, you guys I have at least 3 online courses that I purchased with all the high hopes of having them completed, but mom life/busy photographer life/home renovations have put a hard stop on having the time to complete them. This month I’m diving d e e p into my online education courses and cannot wait to get started!!
  2. Shoot for fun! Get creative if you are in quarantine, and play with self portraits, and shooting your family or fur family!! This also helps to keep the creative juices flowing, and you get to do all the styling.
  3. Connect with other photographers or vendors! (VIRTUALLY right now!!) Do a headshot exchange (once everything is back to normal!), host or attend a coffee/beach meetup, etc. Since most of your business is completed solo, its easy to get isolated at home!
  4. Work on allll the backend stuff!! Organize and get your accounting work together, work and update those client guides, update your website portfolio, your email copy, your website copy, allll a dat.
  5. Create content!! I’m focusing on a tonnnn of content education. That takes so much time to organize and write out and plan, and is a total extra, so this always gets pushed back to the back burner. This month I’ll have time to create and record! Keep an eye out!

There is always so so much work to do and things you can be working on, so that you are fully prepped for the busy season! Did I miss anything? What number are you going to work on in your slow season?

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