couple walking on beach in Hawaii

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas: Romantic Hawaii Anniversary Photos

If you’re in need of anniversary gift ideas, anniversary photos are such a fun gift to your partner – especially when taken on a Hawaii anniversary trip! (I may be a little biased toward where I live.)


Brooke & Hunter’s anniversary photoshoot



Brooke and Hunter decided to celebrate their second anniversary with a photo shoot, and I am so glad they did. They, unfortunately, weren’t able to celebrate their first year of marriage with a trip last year due to COVID, so they took a trip to Hawaii for their second instead. They knew the importance of celebrating every anniversary (not just the big milestone ones!) and documenting the memories. 



We had so much fun exploring one of my favorite cliffside + beach areas of Oahu. It’s filled with tide pools, rocks, beautiful ocean views, and the most lovely lighting when the sun comes out!



Brooke wore a dress from Free People that I absolutely loved – it was loose and featured large sleeves. That meant that any wind we had, or whenever she walked, would add beautiful texture and movement to their photos. You probably already know how much I love movement in my photographs if you’ve seen any of my other work!



Why take anniversary photos?



It is so important to document your love in every season, and not just the “big moments” (your wedding day, your first child, your tenth anniversary, etc). My husband and I prioritize this in our marriage, and it makes such a big difference when you celebrate + document your lives more often!



My biggest tip? Don’t automatically stop taking photos together after your wedding!



It can be easy to forget to bring your camera out once your professional wedding photographer is gone. But I’d encourage you to get some sort of digital camera or even a fun Polaroid to remind you to be intentional about taking photos together + of your lives! Having a designated camera can be helpful, instead of trying to remember to take photos with your phone – you’ll get distracted because your phone has many other purposes.



Make it a habit to pull your camera out for special moments when you’re able to, and when it feels right. But, some moments are meant to be lived fully in the present. So if it doesn’t feel right to take a photo, you don’t need to!



Quarantine anniversary ideas



While we’re on the topic of anniversaries and celebrating each one, I thought I’d give you a few fun quarantine anniversary ideas that are safe to do during COVID!



  1. Cook your favorite meal together
  2. Have an outdoor movie night in your backyard
  3. Play your favorite board game, and hire somebody local to create a yummy charcuterie board to snack on
  4. Dance to your wedding songs (when you walked down the aisle, your first dance, etc)
  5. Re-write new vows to each other, or re-read your old ones
  6. Have a wine tasting at your house – buy some new wines at a store and taste-test together while dressed up!
  7. Have a spa night together



Enjoy the rest of Brooke & Hunter’s anniversary photo gallery! 



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